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1921 Karl Goetz Cast Bronze Satirical Medal on Bismarck's Memoirs - K-278

60.4mm, 72.20g. The Obverse shows a dust-shrouded and chained tome labled "3. Bund" (vol. 3) with a broken crown beside and the legend "Bismarck's Vermaechtnis dem deutschen Volke" (Bismarck's legacy to the German people) with the date 1921 appearing beside. The Reverse bears the efficgy of a judge with his left hand upon the book and his right hand pushing back the face of a common man (an allegorical "Michael"and embodiment of the German People) who clearly wishes to reach the book. The Book rests upon a small table, beneath which cowers the figure of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The legend "Nichts Fuer Euch Deutsche" ("Not for you Germans")Surrounds all with Goetz's initials in exergue. The rim is plain.
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This is a 1921 Satirical Cast Bronze medal by German medalist, Karl Goetz. It is 60.4mm in diameter and weighs 72.20 grams. Often entitled "Bismarck's Memoirs" this medal is recorded as catalog number K-278. It is Excellent condition with a slight mottled patina. This medal is valued at between $600 and $900 and is for sale on our site for $599.99
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