November 9th of this year marked the 32st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. While the Cold War was not yet over, this event signaled the change soon to come across the Soviet Bloc.

Prior to the Wall’s destruction, protests in East Germany had caused the East German government to ease travel restrictions between East and West Germany (and East and West Berlin, by extension). On November 9, 1989, there was a press conference held by the East German Government to brief citizens on these new travel regulations. However, a miscommunication made it seem that the borders would open immediately. This caused a large crowd of both East and West Berliners to gather at the Wall’s checkpoints and demand that the gates be opened. Eventually border guards complied and in the weekend that followed more than 2 million people crossed over into West Berlin. Berliners celebrated the occasion together, drinking beer and champagne. One journalist described it as “the greatest street party in the history of the world.”

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