Karl Goetz was a German sculptor and medalist whose 633 works span Germany History from just before the advent of WWI to just after the German defeat in WWII. In the first war his talents and enthusiasm were definitely in the service of German patriotism, but more importantly his sensibility was honed to an especially sharp satirical edge. His World War I and post War Satirical series represent some of his most brilliant as well as some of his most base and controversial works. This genius for parody in time succumbed to the weight of German National Socialist Neoclassical heroism and fatalism. By the time of the Third Reich and then the Second World War the piercing quality of his satire had dulled, but the brilliance of his aesthetic sensibilities and skill as an artist matured. His final work, produced post WWII, was a medal which begged for the forgiveness of German transgressions and the arrogance of the Nazi era. His final opus has been deemed the best of all of his work and, most appropriately, was issued only upon his death as a commemoration to the artist himself.

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