We are strong buyers of:

1. Topical coins
2. Silver crowns
3. Non US-Proof Sets
4. United States Currency
5. Confederate Currency
6. Obsolete notes
7. Southern States Notes
8. Coin collection, large or small

U.S. coins, Foreign coins, World Coins. Cents, Half Cents, Large Cents, Flying Eagle Cents, Indian Head Cents, Lincoln Cents, Memorial Cents, Two-Cent Pieces, Three-Cent Pieces, Half-Dimes, Shield Nickels, Liberty Head Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Jefferson Nickels, Seated Liberty Dimes, Barber Dimes, Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes, Twenty Cent Pieces, Capped Bust Quarters,  Liberty Seated Quarters, Barber Quarters,  Standing Liberty Quarters, Washington Quarters, State Quarters, Half Dollars, Capped Bust Half Dollars, Liberty Seated Half Dollars, Barber Half Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Franklin Half Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars, Commemorative Half Dollars, Dollars, Seated Liberty Dollars, Trade Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Eisenhower Dollars, Susan B Anthony Dollars, Sacagawea Dollars, Commemorative Dollars, Mint Sets, Proof Sets, Gold & Silver Eagles, etc…

If you have material to sell please contact Dan at 828-669-0200 or through the contact form below.