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USA Mint Error Jefferson Nickel 1999 P Quadruple Struck All O/C with Flipover NGC MS65

Truly a spectacular error! This piece has been authenticated encapsulated and graded Mint State 65 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), one of the nation's leading third-party grading services.
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USA, Error Coin, Jefferson Nickel, 1999 P, Philadelphia Mint, Quadruple Struck, All Off-Center with Flipover, NGC MS65, In my entire career as a numismatist, I have never seen such a spectacular United States error coin as the one we are featuring today. The Philadelphia Mint struck this coin in 1999 and how it got out of the mint facility we will probably never know. The coin you see was struck four times, all off-center strikes, and somewhere in the process of those multiple strikes, the coin flipped over in the coining chamber so that you see obverse and reverse strikes on each side of the coin. The fact that when the coin flipped over it landed in such a way that the date is visible on both sides of the piece is just an amazing added bonus.
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