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Discover Australia Goanna $1 2012 1Oz Colored Proof Silver Coin Mint Box & COA

This coin is part of the popular Discover Australia Series of coins issued by the Perth Mint. The coin was struck from one ounce of .999 fine silver to proof specifications and comes as shown in a Perth Mint issued presentation case with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Total mintage was limited to 7,500 coins.
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Being predatory lizards, goannas are often quite large, or at least bulky, with sharp teeth and claws, with the largest growing to over eight feet in length. However, at the other end of the spectrum some of the smallest are less than eight inches long. Goannas combine predatory and scavenging behaviours. A goanna will prey upon any animal it can catch and is small enough to eat whole.Like most lizards, goannas lay eggs. Most lay eggs in a nest or burrow, but some species lay their eggs inside termite mounds. This offers protection and incubation; additionally, the termites may provide a meal for the young as they hatch. Unlike some other species of lizards, goannas do not have the ability to regrow limbs or tails.
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