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2014 Australia Crimson Rosella 3D $5 Colored Proof Silver Coin

This legal tender Five Dollar coin was issued under Authority of the Government of Australia. The total mintage was limited to 2,500 coins.
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This spectacular and innovative 3D coin features one of Australia's showiest parrot species, the Crimson Rosella. With its rich, colorful plumage and 3D wings, the Crimson Rosella silver coin is truly unique. This sweet and mischievious bird has quite a loud racous call. It is a social bird often found in small flocks. Both sexes care for their young. The Crimson Rosella likes to eat the seeds of eucaliptus trees, fruits, nuts, grasses, some blossoms and insects. This coin was struck from 20 grams of .925 fine silver for an Actual Silver Weight (ASW) of .5948 ounces. It comes in it's Perth Mint issued presentation case with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
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