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Mercury Silver Dimes - Lot of 10 - $1 Face Value

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The Winged Liberty Head dime, was introduced into circulation in 1916. It's obverse design bears a resemblance to depictions of the Roman god Mercury, thus leading to it being nicknamed the "Mercury" dime. It replaced the Barber dime that had been in circulation from 1892-1916. The Mercury dime has a 17.9 mm diameter, a weight of 2.5 grams and is composed of 90% silver. It was replaced by the Roosevelt dime in 1964, the current design of the dime to date.

Now available at Black Mountain Coins are $1 Face Value lots of the Mercury silver dimes! Each lot contains a random assortment of dates and mintmarks. These would be great for any collector of US coins or silver coins, and are a great way to start off a date set. Get yours now while supplies last!
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