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[1815-1838] Capped Bust Quarters

The Capped Bust Quarter was issued in two different varieties between 1815 and 1838. Variety 1, known as the “Large Diameter,” was issued from 1815 until 1828. The coin was designed by John Reich and coined in Philadelphia. It had a 27 millimeter diameter, a reeded edge and was composed of an alloy made up from .8924 silver and .1076 copper. Variety 2 was known as the “Reduced Diameter-Motto Removed” variety and was issued from 1831 until 1838. The Variety 2 coin was designed by William Kneass, had a 24.3 millimeter diameter but the same metallic composition as the Variety 1 quarter until 1837, when the weight was changed to 6.68 grams and the alloy composition was changed to .900 silver and .100 copper.

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