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[1807-1839] Capped Bust Half Dollars

The “Capped Bust with Lettered Edge” Half Dollar was designed by German immigrant John Reich, who got his job at the United States Mint through a recommendation from President Thomas Jefferson. It was issued from 1807 until 1836 and is known for the many minor design varieties within the series. Coins struck between 1807 and 1814 have an incuse legend on the edge that states “Fifty Cents or Half A Dollar.” From 1814 until 1831, a star was added between “Dollar” and “Fifty.” From 1832 until 1836, vertical lines were added between words. From 1836 until 1839, the Capped Bust Half Dollar was struck with a reeded edge. The coin was struck on a planchet that was an alloy of .8924 silver and .1076 copper, weighed 13.48 grams and had a 32.5 millimeter diameter.

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