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[1809-1837] Capped Bust Dimes

Capped Bust Dimes were introduced in 1809 and were issued until 1837. The coin was designed by John Reich, weighs 2.7 grams and was struck from .8924 fine silver and .1076 copper. Interestingly, the diamete was 18.8 millimeters from 1809 until 1827, but was then reduced to 18.5 millimeters. In 1837 the composition was again changed, this time to 2.67 grams of .900 silver with the alloy balance being copper. The series is noted for the variety of large and small dates and other size differentials in the design elements. All of the Capped Bust Dimes were struck at the Philadelphia Mint and as such, bear no mintmark.

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