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Knights Of Malta Life Of Pope John Paul II Proof Crown Homecoming To Krakow 10 Liras 2005

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John Paul II moved millions of people as an individual as well as a Pope. There is almost no other person who changed the world as he did. With great admiration, people called him the"Fast Father""The Traveling Pope" or"God's Marathon Man." He was born in May, 1920 as Karol Wojtyla in the small town of Wadowice in the vicinity of Krakow. This Polish native became elected as Pope on October 16, 1978. After more thasn 450 years, he becomes the first non-Italian pope to be elected and six days later he takes command of the Catholic Church of the World. His life and work become a mission of service to mankind. Contrary to all his predecessors, John Paul II seeks to get close to his people. With his travels and visits to more than 130 countries all over the world, he signals the beginning of how to build his new contacts with humanity. Wherever he appears--children, young adults, men, and women call out "J-P two, we love you!" The answer is always"The Pope John Paul loves you all!" On April 2nd, 2005 the charismatic pope died.
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