Entries by Clark Chapin

Bird Coins

From the Athenian Owl to the Eagles emblematic of empires, nations and states from throughout the ages to the doves that express our wishes for peace, birds on coins and medals are truly as old as numismatics itself. At Black Mountain Coins we recognized the special zeal of collectors of Avian Numismatics by creating a […]

Reflections on the Wall

I used to ride the S-Bahn (over-ground train) from my neighborhood in Wedding, Berlin in 1984. The Station, Wollankstasse Bahnhof, actually lay within the confines of the Wall and no-man’s-land that separated West from East Berlin. One could stand on the platform and look to the left and see the brightly painted apartments on the Western side with their window-boxes overflowing with flowers in the spring and summer. On the right one could see the grey backs of eviscerated Old Berlin Hinterhofs (the back tenement courtyards of the older buildings) and glimpses of the streets that no longer ran to the West…

How the Viking took the Columbian Expo by storm!

In 1880, just past the new year, two sons of a Gokstad farmer were digging in their field when they came upon ancient timbers. By May of that year the site had been converted into a true archeological dig and from the field emerged the prow of a ship and, in time, a complete clinker-built viking ship. This was the first nearly complete viking ship to be seen by the world in more than half a millennium. Careful excavation and analysis of the find uncovered a specimen exact enough to allow the plans of construction for such a ship to be rendered anew and in 1892 the project to resurrect the Gokstad ship was underway […]