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2014 Congo Republic Black Panther 1000 Francs Proof Silver Coin

Comes as issued by the mint in a presentation case with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
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A black panther is typically a color variant of any Panther species. Black panthers in Asia and Africa are leopards (Panthera pardus) while Black panthers in the Americas are black jaguars (Panthera onca). Close examination of the color of these black cats will show that the typical markings are still present, but are hidden by the excess black pigment melanin, giving an effect similar to that of printed silk. This is called "ghost striping". It is thought that melanism may confer a selective advantage under certain conditions since it is more common in regions of dense forest, where light levels are lower. This legal tender proof coin was issued under authority of the Congo Republic and was struck from 20 grams of .925 fine silver. Total mintage for this coin was limited to 999 pieces.
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