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Like all coin collectors you can probably appreciate most any coin on some level. Coins have the ability to teach and remind us of our past and give us a way to hold a piece of that history. For most coin collectors the vast variety of coins provides the opportunity to collect coins with a specific theme. From traditional numismatic coin collecting, to more collectible coins such as animal coins, world banknotes, euro coin sets, olympic coins, military coins, medals, tokens, and more, there is a coins for almost every area of interest.

Coin auctions and coins shop are some of the best places for coin collectors to find good coins. There are also dealers that have highly specialized and rare coins that are harder to find through coin shops or coin auctions. One of the best places to supplement or start your coin collection is the internet. Coin collecting websites are a great source for unique coins, finding coin values, coin collecting supplies, other coin dealers, and even finding a coin collecting price guide like the Krause Standard Catalog of World Coins which is the coin collecting bible.

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