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Andorra Painters of the World Renoir Girls at the Piano 10 Diners 2008 Proof Silver -COA

The reverse design of this unique tribute coin features a striking portrait of Renoir styled from one of the few photographic portraits he sat for. Behind the portrait is a full-color reproduction of one of Renoir's famous portraits, Actress Jeanne Samary. At the top of the coin are the years of Renoir's life, with his full name at the bottom. The obverse shows another famous painting, Girls at the Piano (1892), also in striking color but with the central figures struck from silver.
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Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) was one of the most best known leaders of the Impressionist painting movement that was defined by visible brush strokes, ordinary subject matter with an emphasis on light and unusual angles. Renoir has many famous paintings hanging in well-known galleries all over the world, with several included in The Louvre in Paris.
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